48 Elegant Porch Decoration

Everyone loves an afternoon on the porch with lemonade, homemade cookies and a book. I remember hours spent on the front porch with a book in my hands growing up. The most blessed part was the cool breezes rippling through the curtains Grandma hung from the eves to help keep out the mosquitoes. There’s something […]

44 Beautiful and Colourfull Livingroom

A neutral color scheme that accentuates a sense of space and light can be used very effectively in a room with large windows and generous proportions, and is therefore highly suitable for a living room, usually the largest area in the average house. The spaciousness can be exaggerated by creating a visual extension of the […]

41 Beautiful and Colourfull Kitchen Ideas

Are you a fan of striking colours in fashion and artwork? If you find beige or ‘greige’ to be bland and boring, colourful kitchen renovations may be perfect for you. Colour can be difficult to manipulate in the interior design context, as a bright and impressive colour that looks great on paper can quickly become […]

23 Small Swimming Pools Ideas

A swimming pool is a great way to bring to life a dull backyard as it encourages family recreation and recreation. An outdoor splash can be surrounded by a wooden or concrete surface and take on a geometric, renal or circular shape. Having a relatively small pond at the back of your house would make […]

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